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The ongoing story of HWB...

Asked about the virtual band #HWB that somehow landed on his lap, all-round creative iconoclast Hans Ebert says, “I haven’t exactly analysed where the band came from. They could have come from somewhere and everywhere”.

Comprising singer #Aegyo, drummer #Boom, #Slap on bass, #Tones on anything around, and #HG, the band’s unofficial space captain, HWB are time travellers from the future.

Through some strange realignment of the planets, they have found each other and are now here as HWB. And now that they’re here, and seeing everything that’s happening and not happening, their mission is to make good things happen.

Easier said than done, but HWB is committed to making this happen with help from anyone and everywhere who will join them. It won’t be easy, but it will be fun and challenging and led through music, everything in between and a different mindset.

Looking forward to you joining the journey. More news to follow...

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