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We all have our own ideas of who’s making good things happen to make the world a better and happy place and those who have done their part over the years and decades to get things moving on the right track. 


Below are our lists of those who, at least to us, have made good things happen- then and are making good things happen today.


We’d love to know who you think has made a difference to this world in which we live and any thoughts on how to make good things happen- and keep happening.


Leo Fender

Music Pioneer

Partially deaf and dumb and the inventor who gave his name to very possibly the most popular guitar in popular music.

Sir David Attenborough


Absolute dedication and commitment to make the world better.

Walt Disney


He made fairytales come true and believed in how they lived happily ever after.

The Beatles


They produced great songs and their music continues to make life better, better, better!

Jim Henson


He took us to Sesame Street, introduced us to new friends of different colours and personalities, made learning fun and brought out the child in all of us.

Bob Dylan


He gave music the stories and poetry it needed, and told us that the answers are always blowing in the wind.

Bruce Lee

Game Changer

The Little Dragon who brought a new sense of Chinese pride.

CURRENT (Global)

Leonardo DiCaprio

Climate Change Activist

He continues to use his celebrity status to create awareness about climate change and how to build a better tomorrow.

Steven Spielberg


He reminded us to dream and believe that anything is possible.

Mamoudou Gassama


The “Spiderman" who saved a child dangling from a balcony in Paris.

Boyan Slat 


22-year-old who raised $30M to fund his idea to clean up plastic in the ocean.

Li Ziqi


Known for her idyllic farm videos, Li Ziqi is famous for capturing the tranquility of farm life, inspiring and offering viewers around the world an escape from the urban bustle.

Music Mends Minds | Rotary Club


Uses music to help elders cope with neurodegenerative diseases across the globe.


CURRENT (Hong Kong)

Manu Lee


Took a surprising career detour and founded Burger Joys, THE best burgers in Hong Kong, and always busy spreading more joy with his creative burgers.

Scottie Hui

Director/Brick Master

Found happiness and also found himself by immersing himself in creating all sorts of good things with LEGO and bringing his family on his journey.

Margaret Xu

Celebrity Chef

Continues to prove that creativity comes in different colours, tastes and has no barriers.

Lemon Ting-Fung Doo


He’s made Dance something special by putting his heart and soul into it.

Tommy Fung

Graphic Artist

Uses photography and digital editing to create artworks that gives people a good laugh and raises awareness to social issues.

If you know of people, group or organisation who you think should be in our list, please send us the link of your nominee at or click below.



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